Communication With a Human Touch

At Intuit, we like to do things differently. We are a community committed to sharing our ideas, insights, information and diverse perspectives with candor.

You'll see our executives using everything from blogs, corporate television and email. And oh yeah, we still do a lot of face to face.

Transparent at All Times

Leadership Conference on the Go

Every August, 300 of our senior executives attend Intuit's annual Leadership Conference. This event helps ground our leaders on the company's most critical priorities for the year. But we don't stop there. We also broadcast the event simultaneously over Intuit TV, our televised communications channel, to allow all employees to hear what their leaders are thinking - and speaking about.

For employees who are travelling or working away from their desks during the conference, this year we created a Leadership Conference application for mobile devices that featured video snippets from the event.

If it Works for Customers…

We've helped our TurboTax customers solve problems by developing Live Communities - a social channel where they can turn to each other for answers to pressing questions. Based on its success, we are using the same technology to help employees get answers to their human resources-related questions.

The Intuit Live Community lets employees ask questions about a variety of topics and receive answers from their colleagues - everything from advice on advancing a career to recommending a chiropractor.

"The Intuit Live Community gives our employees a chance to really live our culture of innovation. By using social technology in the workplace, our people become more capable in the social space and can better understand the needs of our customers."

David Reed
director of human resources service delivery and channel management.

See Those in the C-Suite

It's not likely you'll ever see our executives appearing on television's "Undercover Boss." They're just too recognizable. Whether making personal appearances at sites around the world, answering questions on our Intuit TV broadcasts, or through regular emails, our executives build and maintain contact with employees on a regular basis to share information and remain in touch. Here are just a few of their more visible efforts.

Quarterly Q&A Covers all Things Intuit

To keep employees informed and engaged, CEO Brad Smith hosts a 60-minute Q&A session each quarter. This event, broadcast live via Intuit TV, Intuit's televised communication channel, creates an intimate exchange between Brad and employees watching from computers whether on-site or working remotely. Employees may submit questions in advance or live. And they get a direct response from Brad, who addresses topics ranging from healthcare options and on-campus perks to Intuit's business strategy.

Looking Behind the Numbers

Brad isn't the only executive taking to the airwaves. Chief Financial Officer Neil Williams chats informally with Investor Relations Director Matt Rhodes to go "Behind the Numbers" and give employees, a quick, verbal snapshot of Intuit's quarterly financial results.

Neil and Matt sit down and pull back the curtain to shed light on what the numbers mean to our people and our business. In their recent broadcast, Neil and Matt discussed an acquisition.

Intuit TV: Watch It Where and When You Want

In a fast-paced environment where employees are often travelling or working remotely, it's important that company information be readily available and easy to access from anywhere. With Intuit TV, our people can see and hear their leaders whenever and wherever they wish.

Kiran Patel, senior vice president and general manager of the Small Business Group hosted monthly "SBG Unplugged" to update employees on the state of the business and to hear interviews with members of his leadership team.

Intranet: One-stop Information Shop

Insight, the Intuit intranet, is home to many of Intuit's communication channels, including an online newsletter, leader and company blogs, and Intuit TV. For employees, the site is a valuable information hub where they can find the latest news and information, and also gather to collaborate and share ideas. For leaders, it's a way to communicate with employees, through interviews, videos and blogs.

With broad content based on what employees want and need to know, the online newsletter SNAP - short for Strategy, News and Performance - has become the trusted vehicle for delivery of breaking company news, as well as information on new initiatives, strategies and products.

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