Speaking Honestly and Directly Creates Change at Intuit

Intuit's first Operating Value, "Integrity Without Compromise," encourages employees to speak up. In fact, it specifically says that we expect employees to "speak honestly and share my opinion directly."

Survey Says: We Listen

Our Annual Employee Survey is a barometer of employee attitudes about working at Intuit, and a key component in our ongoing process to gather feedback.

We continue to achieve high scores in important categories. Employees are confident about the future of Intuit, feel supported by their leaders and peers, and are proud to work for Intuit. Participation in the survey continues to remain high - 94 percent of employees responded - another indicator of strong employee involvement.

  • Intuit is interested in the welfare of communities where we do business - 94 percent favorable.
  • My supervisor treats me with dignity and respect - 93 percent favorable.
  • I have confidence in the future of Intuit - 93 percent favorable.
  • I feel proud to work for Intuit - 92 percent favorable.
  • Where I work we care about each other as individuals - 91 percent favorable.

Evolving How We Listen for Impact

At Intuit, employees have a voice when it comes to creating a great place to work. Beginning with their immediate surroundings, employees can reach out to the site manager at their work location if they have suggestions about their workspace or building amenities.

Today, those conversations increasingly occur through social media and social networks. We consistently experiment with and evaluate online communication channels to ensure the best experience for employees. Here are some examples of management listening - and responding - to employee suggestions.

Microblogging Takes Hold as a Listening Tool

Different people have different reasons for loving Yammer, Intuit’s official microblogging tool. Think of it as an internal Twitter. It’s open to everyone. Simply sign up with your work email and you’re good to go.

The company recently used the microblog to hear more about what employees at the Mountain View location want out of the new fitness center being built. Through a quick survey link shared on Yammer, employees could comment on details that included which group classes they wanted offered at which times.

Intuit Green Wants Ideas

Intuit is committed to giving back to the environment and encourages employees to get engaged in our sustainability journey. The Intuit Green initiative offers a variety of ways for employees to participate and influence our impact on the environment. Opportunities range from recommending ways to reduce waste to organizing educational events and green pilot programs.

"We know there are more opportunities out there to reduce our environmental impact. These forums serve as channels where employees can pitch in, share their ideas and be engaged in the green conversation."

Jill Stoneberg
Sustainability Manager
Mountain View, Calif
The Customer (Care Agent) is Always Right

Brainstorm: Turning Employees' Ideas into Action

Brains collide in a storm of innovation on Brainstorm, our employee idea hub. This home-grown online application allows all employees to easily connect, collaborate and comment on new ideas. It's also a central place for innovators to describe their ideas, build teams, capture notes, manage requirements and share documents. And, of course, using those ideas to create new and better products and services for customers, such as ViewMyPaycheck, Intuit Payment Network and TaxCaster.

"We all have ideas, but they don't come out fully formed. Brainstorm gives ideas an environment where they can benefit from the collective brainpower of the rest of the organization. It's not unusual for designers in Massachusetts and developers in India to collaborate on an idea in the span of a single day."

Tad Milbourn
Product Manager
Mountain View, Calif.

ViewMyPaycheck, for instance, started as the proverbial idea on a napkin - but it didn't gain traction until it found its way to Brainstorm. From there, other employees commented and offered suggestions. Eventually an executive saw it and decided it had enough potential to become a real product – which it did in about three months.

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