Hiring and Welcoming

Follow Your Passion

Getting a job at Intuit is about more than a resume. We look for inspired, innovative people who are eager to create products that change people's lives. Getting your job done is just the beginning; we want people who are bursting with creativity and who will attack their jobs in new and innovative ways.

Our recruiting team engages with social networks to find top talent, from Facebook and Twitter to LinkedIn and Slideshare. We head to local universities to discover potential new employees. And through innovative programs such as Idea Jams, we can get a glimpse of how potential employees will fit into our culture and our six Operating Values.

Living Our Values

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The Right Fit: Find the "Values" Match

It all starts with our Operating Values, the heart and spirit of Intuit since their creation more than 18 years ago. Back in 1993, co-founder Scott Cook led a companywide effort to capture the values that Intuit employees were already living on a day-to-day basis and put them into writing. We recently reaffirmed our values to ensure they maintained the same relevance and meaning as when our employees first defined them.

Be Transparent

At Intuit, our actions and communications are always direct, honest, and transparent. In the hiring process, we go in depth with candidates to learn how they've handled difficult situations. We try to ensure that the candidate's integrity matches ours.

"During the interview process, I read through Intuit's Operating Values to learn more about the company. Many companies have a subset of these values, but most don't have the holistic set. The hiring process was a totally positive, 360˚ experience for me. I especially appreciated how there was candidness and transparency throughout."

Social Media… Bringing Our Audiences Along

Our Talent Team explores new ways to use social media to engage top talent. We're striving to bring our internal and external talent communities together by reaching them where they live. Today, that means being social and interacting in meaningful ways with our perspective audiences. Being active on social media goes beyond enticing folks to work at Intuit. It provides a glimpse into our culture and innovative practices.

Whether you're on LinkedIn , Facebook or Twitter, you can find our Intuit recruiters ready to engage.

Heading Back to School to Find Great Talent

Our talent acquisition team partners with several universities across the country with a simple goal: Get a glimpse of students' talents before they begin their job hunts. And this serves double duty. It also gives us a glimpse at whether these students will fit in with Intuit's culture and team.

Competition and Creativity at Claremont

"Students often tell me that internships at Intuit are second to none; they find them extremely rewarding, and surpass their expectations since they get to work on developing solutions to real problems."

Samantha Apostolou
University Recruiting Manager
San Diego, Calif.

In December 2011, competition was in the air at Claremont College as students participated in an Intuit IdeaJam. Teams of students, working with Intuit employee mentors, were challenged to get more GoPayment users to share their experiences using social media, such as Facebook and Twitter. Seven teams presented their final very creative and forward thinking ideas, complete with prototypes and solutions, to a judging panel of Intuit leaders.

Rolling out the Red Carpet Welcome

At Intuit, we understand the importance of a good first impression. We make sure that candidates feel special throughout the hiring process, from the moment candidates first apply to Intuit to their first day on the job. We want them to know that they aren't applying for just another job at just another company. Our products are different. They change the world. And our people are different. They're inspired, innovative and influential.

To be here is to be special. And we try to convey that from the first day - whether it's being paired with a buddy to learn the ropes, or meeting a leader to get advice on how to succeed in your career.

New Hire Orientation: Flowers, Fun and Philanthropy

Our new hire orientation is more than just paperwork and presentations. We invest time to make sure each new employee feels welcome and comfortable. This year, we piloted a new feature: a volunteer project at a local education nonprofit organization. Our goal was twofold: help our newest employees bond with their colleagues and reinforce our deep commitment to giving back to our communities. Tammy Lam, a senior public relations specialist in Mountain View, Calif., shared her experience as a new employee.

"What made the orientation experience stand out was the camaraderie I found among my new colleagues…. The ongoing relationships that came out of those initial connections meant that I never felt lost in this large company. On the last day of orientation, our orientation class participated in a volunteer project together and this collaboration made our bond even stronger."

New Employee Welcome Portal

We introduce new employees to Intuit even before they set foot on campus. Along with the welcome email they receive after accepting our offer, we send new hires a link to our New Employee Welcome Portal, which helps smooth the welcoming process by answering those burning questions all new hires have. And just in case, it gives them some additional insight into Intuit's culture.

The site also includes a video from CEO Brad Smith discussing his first day at Intuit, and a number of employee testimonials about their arrival at the company. It is that type of introduction that makes Intuit unique.

Our Own Genius Bar

After receiving the technology tools to do their jobs, employees at some of our largest sites visit our Techknow Bar to get hands-on help. Picture the Apple Genius Bar but with Intuit's trademark blue logo. Equipped with tons of computers and a row of comfy stools, the bar is staffed by super skilled IT professionals waiting to teach the newbies everything they need to know about their devices. It is a unique experience that showcases Intuit's desire to make the first day a memorable and comfortable one for all new hires.

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