Workplace Flexibility and Services Help Create a Healthy Work/Life Balance

One of our employee values is titled "It's the People." And we mean it. At Intuit, we stay true to one goal: helping our employees to live rich, fulfilling and balanced lives. We have a full range of programs, from wellness programs and adoption services, to back-up family care and dry cleaning services.

Motivation for Healthy Living

Wellness for Life programs are designed to support healthy lifestyles for employees, provide motivation and encourage peace of mind. In fact, Intuit was named the "No. 1 healthiest company in San Diego" by the San Diego Business Journal, a strong testament to Intuit's commitment to wellness and providing a healthy work environment. We motivate employees to get healthy and/or stay healthy with the following incentives that can earn them up to $2,900 annually:

Annual Fitness Activity Incentive

"Appreciate the additional $300 - this encourages me to sign up for classes and lessons I wouldn't have considered before."

Jutta Stengel
Senior XD Writer/Editor
Tucson, Ariz.

Approximately 70 percent of all eligible employees take advantage of the annual fitness activity incentive, which we nearly doubled this year. We offer all employees $650 for eligible expenses, which cover a wide variety of fitness expenses like personal trainers, gym membership fees, league and entry fees, exercise class fees and lessons for sports such as yoga and martial arts.

Virgin Health Miles Pedometer "Steppin' for Miles" Program Incentive

This is a fun way to be more physically active and be rewarded for your efforts. Employees and their spouses or domestic partners covered under benefits who take advantage of this program wear a pedometer to track their activity, then redeem their earned HealthMiles for up to $300 annually in HealthCash.

Healthy Options

Want to work out at work? Many of our employees like to exercise before, during or after work, and take advantage of the onsite gyms at our larger Intuit locations. These campuses have managed onsite exercise facilities that include state-of-the-art equipment, basketball and volleyball courts and even walking paths.

Many locations also offer group exercise classes, which vary by site, as well as access to yoga and massage therapy.

In tandem with our fitness centers, many of our locations have a cafeteria that includes an Eat Right for Life program, offering healthy options for breakfast and lunch.

Serving Customers and Serving Her Country

Ashley Gensheimer has two jobs: senior product manager at Intuit, and a proud Ensign in the Supply Corp of the United States Navy Reserve. She admits that balancing time between her civilian career and military career is challenging at times, but she describes the rewards in her own words:

"I really wanted to part of something that I felt had a greater cause beyond my corporate career, something that gives me more of a sense of purpose as an American citizen," she said.

For the Love of Country and Our Employees

Hundreds of men and women at Intuit make the selfless commitment to military life. Since 1998, we've granted military leave to 180 employees.

Our formal support programs go far beyond what the law requires, ensuring that service men and women do not suffer financial hardship when called to duty. In September 2010, we were one of just 15 companies to receive the Defense Department's Freedom Award, the government's highest honor given to employers for their outstanding support of employees who serve in the National Guard or Reserve.

Creating the Change with an Inclusive Culture

A diverse and inclusive mindset is simply part of who we are and how our work gets done at Intuit. Our diverse backgrounds give us valuable perspectives. Our diverse workforce helps us fuel our global business. So our culture of diversity starts with the fact that we are empowered to bring our whole selves to work.

"By attracting a diverse workforce, we create an environment where differences are valued and respected - differences in experience, background, opinion and lifestyle. And it is in this environment that inspiration and innovation thrive, creating a challenging workplace, inventing new and better products and delivering strong business performance."

Brad Smith, CEO

Diversity on the Job

Our long-time, companywide commitment to diversity and inclusion is reflected in the results of our internal Annual Employee Survey - the anonymous, independently managed program that we previously described. The following results surpass best-in-class industry benchmarks:

  • Companywide, 93 percent of us believe we're treated with dignity and respect.
  • In addition, 86 percent of our employees say their work group climate values diversity.
  • Throughout our global presence, 94 percent of our employees feel that Intuit is committed to the welfare of the communities where we do business.

Employee Networks: Gaining Understanding by Spanning Cultures, Generations Religions and Experiences

Far more than just a social club, our employee networks help create a high-commitment, high-performing organization. And all of the networks share a common goal: to contribute to a better world and our own growth through inclusion, understanding and celebration of diverse perspectives. These networks also give us deeper appreciation and insights into different countries and cultures so we meaningfully engage with employees, customers and business partners worldwide.

Our employee networks are: African-American Network, Asian and Pacific Islander Network, Intuit Christian Action Network, Intuit Indian Network, Intuit Military Network, Intuit Pride, Intuit Women's Network, LatinosConnect at Intuit, Muslim Awareness Network and the Next Generation Network.

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